Le Creuset Skillet Review

The Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet is a versatile pan that lasts a lifetime and requires little maintenance. Le Creuset is a luxury brand, so their skillets are on the pricier side. If the cost is within your budget, then these cast iron pans have enough durability and functionality to be worth it in the long run.

I have worked in several professional kitchens and personally choose Le Creuset for cooking at home. besides my All-Clad D3, this skillet is one of the most important parts of my kitchen.

In this article, I will explain the incredible benefits, uses and some of the history of this cookware. I’ll also provide you with critical feedback on some of the common shortcomings of Le Creuset’s iconic skillet and explain why their enameled cast iron cookware isn’t for everyone.

In addition to my own experience, I spent hours analyzing product data and feedback from other kitchens before writing this Le Creuset skillet review. I hope you will find this article both insightful and actionable.

Heavyweight Design & Enameled Cast Iron

Signature skillets are made of cast iron and then coated with an enamel coating.

This provides a high-performance cooking surface without the need to keep the cast iron pan well-seasoned.

The protective coating also ensures that the skillet won’t rust over time, which means it will last longer. It’s not a cheap skillet by any means, but it’s at least durable.

It also comes in a variety of interesting colors. While most cookware – especially cast iron cookware – is usually monotonous and boring, the Signature skillet is something you really want to keep in your kitchen!

Like many cast iron skillets, the Signature is a fairly heavy piece of cookware. It’s a very satisfying skillet, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. If you have any weaknesses in your hands – or if you have problems with your grip – this will not be for you.

The section on handle design, right at the bottom of the page, has more details on this particular issue.

Heating Capacity: Heats slowly and stays hot

Compared to other cookware, this pan takes longer to heat up, but once heated, it holds the heat well and the pan is evenly heated over the entire cooking surface. This insulation is great when grilling steaks, as the pan will stay hot rather than suddenly cool.

The heat retention is also great for keeping food warm, whether waiting on the stove or if I decide to serve it directly from the pan at the table. Because the pans will stay hot, a tripod on the table – or even a large wooden cutting board – makes sense for protecting the table. Pans may be too heavy to pass over the table, but if that’s the plan, oven mitts or insulating mats are a good idea.

Performance & Cooking Capabilities

You’ll sauté, sear, sauté and bake in this pan because the Le Creuset pan has the insulation and heat capacity capabilities you’d expect from high-end cast iron.

Yes, Le Creuset frying pans take longer to reach temperature than thin non-stick pans like stainless steel cookware.

However, once a Le Creuset pan reaches your target temperature, it maintains those temperatures – even after heating – and distributes the heat you’re cooking more evenly across the surface of the pan itself.

You don’t have to worry about hot spots. You don’t have to worry about drastic temperature changes when cooking. Instead, you’ll enjoy using consistent and reliable cookware.

Best of all, Le Creuset frying pans are also versatile cookware companions in the kitchen.

The enameled surface of these cast iron skillets offers you the best in the world. You get the insulation and distribution properties of thick cast iron, but you also get the benefits of non-stick from enamel.

You can cook everything from scrambled eggs to grilled chicken breasts to your favorite steak in a Le Creuset pan! Eggs, you say? Learn how to successfully cook eggs on an enameled cast iron surface.

Easy Cleaning

One advantage of enameled cookware over raw cast iron is that you can put it in the dishwasher.

The Le Creuset Signature frying pan is also dishwasher safe, but it will darken the black enamel interior. This does not affect the performance of the pan.

Le Creuset recommends letting the cookware develop a copper green color to enhance flavor and browning. The enamel coating means that you can soak this pan with or without soap. Always clean with a mild soap and a non-abrasive sponge.


As with all Le Creuset cookware, my Signature Skillet has the look and feel of a beloved kitchen essential. This skillet is just one of those pieces that makes you wonder how I could live without it?